Rain, Rain Go Away!
I’ve been hearing my children sing this song a lot recently. I don’t have all the figures (heck, I’m a real estate professional, not a meteorologist), but I can tell you it has been so incredibly rainy this past 12 months. You’ve also likely heard this from home inspectors, septic system inspectors and septic system installers, not to mention real estate agents.
I haven’t heard of a single septic system installed in Montgomery County this year. I’m sure there has been, but it’s been so wet that the site conditions just haven’t allowed it. Even if it’s a dry, sunny day, the ground conditions have to be just right, and approved by the county health department, in order for the area to be disturbed for installation of a new system. 
If you’re selling a home with an already faulty system, the problem associated with rain may not be of any surprise to you as the wet weather tends to exacerbate systems on the brink of failure or those which are overloaded. If you’re waiting for one to be installed, become used to the fact that you may have to wait even longer until it is installed.
If you’re planning to move and you have a septic system, there are some precautions you can take as you prepare to go on the market that can help counteract the uncertainty of a private on-site sewer system. Contact us for more information!