While public sewer systems tend to be preferred by many in our marketplace, they are not always available or feasible. Sometimes, that means the only option is the installation of a septic system. I for one grew up in a home with a septic system, so I had some background knowledge that was further enhanced by working in the real estate industry. Because I understand them, I don’t fear them (unless they haven’t been maintained, of course). If you live in a home serviced by a septic system, you may already know it can be perceived as worrisome, high-maintenance or just plain avoided, by some. If you are selling your home serviced by a septic system, there is something you absolutely must do: get it inspected.
Each year we help several clients sell their homes serviced by septic systems. In most instances, we suggest the seller gets their septic system inspected before going on the market for several reasons. First, it’s helpful for you as the owner and seller to understand what, if any, work is going to be required to bring the system up to snuff. Secondly, your real estate agent will be able to better strategize the sale of your property by having the valuable information within a septic inspection report. If a deficiency is found, for example, you’ll have time to fix it- on your own terms- before going on the market. There are a few other ways to use this to your advantage, too. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a septic system and are thinking about selling; we’ll walk you through what to do!