Now that the trees are blooming and there are beautiful colors popping up everywhere, so may be your thoughts about moving. My drive from Collegeville to Harleysville this morning was riddled with pear and cherry trees in bloom and I could almost see the pollen blowing in the air. While I’ve seen more and more homeowners come out and spruce up their houses, I thought- how many of these people plan to move in the next 6 to 18 months? 
The reason I was wondering is because we put all this energy into making our homes look their best in the Spring, but if we happen to decide to sell in the fall or winter, our homes don’t quite look as good. When I sold my own home in Audubon last year, I was ready. The year prior, I took pictures of my home when it looked its best because I knew I would move someday. I had those pictures on-hand so when I decided to move in the fall when the leaves turn brown and everything gets gloomy, I was still able to market my home with beautiful, eye-popping photographs. 
If you’re thinking about moving in the next couple of years, contact me and I can have our photographer capture pictures of your home this year when your property is at its peak. That way you’ll have them for when you decide to move. Just reach out!