Not All Realtors Are The Same; Mariel Is Amazing

Mariel was the answer to all of my problems. I was stuck in a half a double house that I previously tried to sell with no luck at all. I didn’t know what a actual realtor was really like until I got to work with Mariel. She was very helpful with little improvement suggestions to help sell my house as well. The whole experience was short and sweet, not too many people could say that their house sold in three days, and no doubt it was because of Mariel’s help and amazing knowledge of the realty world. She also helped my wife and I find the home that we are in now, and it’s everything we could ever want. She was very patient with us, and really helped use make a wiser decision on a new house, not letting us slip into a place that was too much for us to afford, and was everything we wanted. I’m so glad that we met Mariel. She made life so much less stressful with selling or buying a house. Definitely not all relators are the same, Mariel is amazing.