Felt Protected By Her & That She Was Really Representing Us

We have bought and sold several houses, and when it came time to downsize, we worked for months with another real estate agent who just couldn’t seem to get it right, even though our “must-have” list was very simple. We wanted a single-story home in a nice neighborhood with a fireplace and a decent kitchen. We were open to minimal repairs but since we were downsizing to cut expenses, we weren’t interested in a major renovation. All told, we saw at least two dozen homes, none of which fit the bill. Needless to say, we were frustrated.

Then we spoke with Mariel. She was upbeat and enthusiastic, but most of all, she listened to us. The VERY FIRST house she showed us was perfect! It was a rancher, in a blue-ribbon school district, had a fireplace, a gorgeous family room, and an amazing kitchen. It even had a large, fenced-in yard for our dog; the yard was an item we’d deleted from our must-have list with the prior agent, and hadn’t even mentioned to her. (She’d spotted our dog Katie in the back seat when we first met with her.) 

Our experience with Mariel was so different from what we’d been through with others. We felt she listened to us and all through the transaction we felt protected, as if she were really representing us, not just trying to close a deal. She knows her stuff! She has an old-school work ethic that helped us to relax and reassured us every step of the way. I would and do recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.